• SPOILER: Wildling Bodyguard

    The life of a Wildling can be a treacherous task, with violence and bloodshed occurring at almost every corner. It’s for this reason and more why protection is paramount, hence the need for a Wildling bodyguard. This is a giant opportunity for anyone looking to get into personal protection. Not suitable for individuals under 10 feet tall.

  • SPOILER: Lord Paramount of the North

    Calling all dog lovers! If you have a way with animals and don’t mind dishing out cruel and unusual punishment against the citizens of the north in your spare time, then a job in politics might just be for you. As Lord Paramount you can do as you please, with the role favouring individuals with a cruel and unnerving nature. Bastards now eligible.

  • Apprentice at the House of Black & White

    A man teaches an apprentice. Valar Dohaeris - all men must serve. Faceless Men most of all. If you’re as handy with a blade as your are with a dish rag, then there’s an opening at the House of Black and White that might just be for you. Long hours and low pay, this is a position that rewards its apprentices with the skills and traits of no one.

  • Lord Commander of the Kingsguard

    The King is currently hiring for a new Lord Commander of his prestigious Kingsguard. This is a specialist position intended for the elite, with only the strongest, most courageous warriors in Westeros eligible. As Lord Commander you must pledge your sword and your life to the King and protect his interests at all times. Sellswords need not apply.

  • Personal Assistant to Bran Stark

    The role of a personal assistant can vary depending on the request of your manager. In this instance, you will be required to carry Bran Stark to and from his meetings, as well as perform a number of other duties. These include fighting off enemies, preparing meals and occasionally holding the door. Must be adept to carrying heavy objects. Strong vocabulary not essential.

  • King in the North

    The wind of change is upon us and the Northern Powerhouse is showing no sign of slowing down. With winter coming and several Houses left in disarray, you will be tasked with bringing order to the North and restoring its former glory. Successful candidates can look forward to an action-packed career and competitive salary. Southerners need not apply.

  • Prince of Dorne

    The role of Prince dictates that you lead a lavish and flavoursome lifestyle. As a socialite, you will be required to ‘network’ with men and women throughout the Seven Kingdoms, as well as protecting the interests of Dorne. In addition to earning an extremely satisfying wage, successful candidates can also look forward to a challenging career in a progressive industry.

  • Lord of the Seven Kingdoms

    Highly sought after role based in the capital. Excellent pay and private quarters with breathtaking views of the city and ocean. Ideally located with direct access to the best brothels and taverns throughout Westeros. Responsible for the welfare of the Seven Kingdoms and the distribution of coin. No experience needed.

  • Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch

    The Night’s Watch is currently hiring for a new Lord Commander. If you enjoy working alongside your fellow man, have a proven track record of using a sword and can withstand the cold climate, then apply today. No experience necessary. Ideal for those with a criminal record. Food isn’t the greatest, so maybe bring a packed lunch. Must swear a vow of celibacy. NO GIRLS ALLOWED!

  • Warden of the North

    An exciting opportunity has arisen for a new Warden of The North to command the region's armies and enforce the interests of the Iron Throne. Full-time position, long hours and high risk. Will be rewarded handsomely. Must be loyal to the crown.



Beyond the Wall

Full Time

25000 GD

SPOILER: Wildling Bodyguard

North of the Wall things are different. It’s a cold and weary place with danger at almost every corner, from the raiders at Castle Black to the dreaded White Walkers.


Full Time

85000 GD

SPOILER: Lord Paramount of the North

With the political spectrum in the North hanging firmly in the balance, there has never been a better opportunity for someone to unify the area.


Full Time

0 GD

Apprentice at the House of Black & White

The House of Black and White is a temple in Braavos dedicated to the Many-Faced God. It also serves as the headquarters of the guild of assassins known as the Faceless Men.

King's Landing

Full Time

350000 GD

Lord Commander of the Kingsguard

The Kingsguard is a sworn brotherhood. Their vows are taken for life. Only death relieves them of their sacred trust.


Full Time

17000 GD

Personal Assistant to Bran Stark

As Bran Stark’s personal assistant you will be tasked with aiding him on his adventures throughout Westeros and beyond The Wall. Because of his disability, you will be required to carry him while simultaneously performing other duties to the best of your abilities. So skipping leg day at the gym is not an option.

Westeros (The North)

Full Time

200000 GD

King in the North

As King in the North you will be charged with destabilizing the current regime and preserving the reputation and honour of the North. The Northern Powerhouse is fast becoming one of the biggest movements in all of Westeros, with more opportunities being created all the time.


Full Time

1000000 GD

Prince of Dorne

The role of Prince is a highly important position which requires charisma, charm, style and passion. As an ambassador of Dorne, you should be someone who excels in armed combat and political knowhow, as well as being a tactical mastermind.

King’s Landing

Full Time

2500000 GD

Lord of the Seven Kingdoms

The role was previously filled by an insensitive, self-loathing sociopath who thought very highly of himself. We are now recruiting for someone with similar traits. You will be arrogant, bloodthirsty and have a real desire to exploit your people to line your own pockets.

The Wall (The North)

Full Time

36000 GD

Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch

High risk job with a lot of responsibility. As Lord Commander you will be tasked with defending The Wall and protecting the people of Westeros from Wildling attacks, as well as the occasional White Walker.

Westeros (The North)

Full Time

75000 GD

Warden of the North

We are currently recruiting for a Warden of the North to join our friendly team in Winterfell for the foreseeable future. If you love the outdoors, have strong leadership abilities and work well with others then look no further than this glamourous position. Traditionally speaking, a Warden is a title that is bestowed upon the head of a Great House by the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms, but in this case we’re willing to make an exception.

  • Jon Snow

    “Thanks to Westeros Recruitment I managed to secure a long-term role at Castle Black. I knew nothing about the role, or anything else for that matter, but before long I found myself promoted to role of Lord Commander – it was great! I made a lot of new friends while there too which was great, apart from this one lad Olly who just didn’t see eye-to-eye with me. Don’t really know what that guy’s problem was to be honest.”

  • Daenerys Targaryen

    “Before getting in touch with Westeros Recruitment, I took some time out travelling on my gap year helping out the indigenous peoples of Essos. I was really worried I’d struggle to find work with no experience, but thanks to them I’ve found the career of a lifetime. Being Khaleesi is amazing!”

  • Theon Greyjoy

    “Things were really looking bleak for me before I spoke to the guys at Westeros Recruitment. My previous job left me feeling depressed, like I’d lost a small piece of myself. The boss was a bit of a bully and I’m pretty sure some of his methods weren’t legal, but all that’s in the past. Now I’m back in a role where I belong and things are finally starting to look good for me!”

  • Hodor

    “Hodor. Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor.”

  • Jaqen H’ghar

    “A man was very pleased with the apprentice that Westeros Recruitment found him. Here at the House of Black and White we serve the Many-Faced God and as his apprentice you are to serve his bidding. There is still much work to be done for the lovely girl, but for now a girl must work on becoming no one. A man teaches a girl. Valar Dohaeris – all men must serve.”