At Westeros Recruitment, we specialise in matching the best candidates to roles across the Seven Kingdoms. Regardless of your skill level or experience, our expert team can find you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your abilities.

We find the jobs, staying in them is your problem.

Established in 2011, and working out of King’s Landing, Westeros Recruitment provide employers and job seekers alike with a personalised service to match their recruitment needs.

Thanks to our cut-throat attitude toward achieving results, we have quickly established ourselves as the leading recruitment agency throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Our growth means that we are able to tailor our services to both large and small businesses, as well as job seekers with a range of skills.

What We Do

Using the latest breed of ravens, we are able expand our search far and wide to find the best candidates possible. We are set apart from our competitors by our ability to specifically search for candidates with a unique skill set and match them with companies requiring their services.

Our extensive job advertising extends from the Wall in the North all the way out to the Dothraki Sea and beyond. With a crack team full of little birds we can seek out the best positions around, ensuring that your abilities are never left out in the cold.

As a job seeker you can rest assured that you’ll receive a personally tailored service that meets all your requirements. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss specific qualities that you possess in detail and identify positions which are best suited to you, ensuring you find the perfect job.

Contact Us

We are based a short walk from The Red Keep area of King’s Landing. Our full address is:
Westeros Recruitment
Shadowblack Lane
King’s Landing