Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch

Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch

The Wall (The North)

Full Time

36000 Gold Dragons

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Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch

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High risk job with a lot of responsibility. As Lord Commander you will be tasked with defending The Wall and protecting the people of Westeros from Wildling attacks, as well as the occasional White Walker. You will be required to live and die at your post, while relations with women are strictly prohibited. Anyone found breaking the rules will be dealt with accordingly.

Tradition dictates that when a Lord Commander dies, any sworn man of the Night’s Watch can nominate himself or be nominated by his brothers for the position. However, applicants are a little short this time around seeing as how the previous Commander was struck ill…

Main Responsibilities

  • Provide training and guidance to recruits
  • Act as a role model for the men
  • Protect the wall from potential threats

Key Skills and Knowledge Requirements

  • Decisiveness and strong-headed
  • Highly trained in combat
  • Strong sense of self
  • Luscious, curly hair
  • Must be able to recite the Night’s Watch oath from memory

Ideal Candidate

A brave and determined individual with a strong head of hair and is good with animals. The ideal candidate will have a good work ethic and must show signs of working well with others – both Wildlings and Night’s Watchmen. They should display excellent leadership abilities and keep a cool head in challenging situations. Must look good in black.

This opportunity will be available for a limited time only. Please apply for the role by leaving your CV and contact details with Westeros Recruitment.

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