Prince of Dorne

Prince of Dorne


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Prince of Dorne

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The role of Prince is a highly important position which requires charisma, charm, style and passion. As an ambassador of Dorne, you should be someone who excels in armed combat and political knowhow, as well as being a tactical mastermind. There shouldn’t be a mountain high enough that the Prince of Dorne shouldn’t be able to conquer, but even royals can occasionally lose their heads.

Main Responsibilities

  • Network with potential clients in the Seven Kingdoms
  • Fight enemies of Dorne
  • Negotiate trade deals
  • Sample foreign custom
  • Act as envoy and promote the Dornish culture

Key Skills and Knowledge Requirements

  • Expert negotiator and public speaker
  • Passionate lover
  • Expert swordsman
  • Confident with actions

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate will be blessed with a quick wit and an acid tongue. They should be forceful, yet playful in nature allowing for a strong, diplomatic footing. They will be renowned for their duelling capabilities, as well as possessing a keen intellect and tact. Above all else they must be passionate, even if this means negating all other traits.

This opportunity will be available for a limited time only. Please apply for the role by leaving your CV and contact details with Westeros Recruitment.

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