SPOILER: Wildling Bodyguard

SPOILER: Wildling Bodyguard

Beyond the Wall

Full Time

25000 Gold Dragons

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SPOILER: Wildling Bodyguard

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North of the Wall things are different. It’s a cold and weary place with danger at almost every corner, from the raiders at Castle Black to the dreaded white walkers. As the long night approaches and the armies of the North prepare for battle, the need for protection has never been more urgent.

Low pay and long hours, you will become dedicated to the cause of protection. Being a Wildling bodyguard is a giant task, so you must be confident in your abilities as one of Westeros’ strongest warriors. The living and the dead will be no match for you in a battle, so candidates with low combat experience will not be considered.

Main Responsibilities

  • Protecting Wildlings from attacks
  • Assessing threats and diffusing them
  • Opening large doors
  • Punching horses
  • Ripping enemies in half

Key Skills and Requirements

  • Familiarity with a large array of weapons
  • Strong physical shape
  • Must be over 10 feet tall
  • Strong pain threshold
  • Communication skills desired, but not essential

Ideal Candidate

Any good bodyguard understands that intimidation can often resolve a conflict before it’s even begun, so the ideal candidate must be an imposing figure. You will be a man of few words, but plenty of conviction. Pain is your friend and as such you will welcome it. Arrows, swords and spears will be nothing but a scratch as nothing will prevent you carrying out your duties.

This opportunity will be available for a limited time only. Please apply for the role by leaving your CV and contact details with Westeros Recruitment.

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